We are so sorry for the inappropriate ads that are being shown in the game. It must be very frustrating to see those graphics, especially for young players.

Our team is with you and we also do not tolerate inappropriate content to take over our game. While ads are controlled by the ad providers and we cannot interfere with the content to be shown, we can report offensive or inappropriate ads by following the steps below:
        Step 1: When the ad is playing, find the small (i) icon or any similar button which is usually placed on a corner of the screen.
        Step 2: Tap on it and you will find the option to hide or report the ad.
        Step 3: Select the appropriate reason.

The ad will then be reviewed, and if found inappropriate, action will be taken on the ad.

On the other hand, we do offer an Ad-free version of the game that you can consider purchasing. To see the options, tap on the VIP button on the Home screen.